Painters Mackay

By choosing Mackay Pro Painters, you’re teaming up with local painters in Mackay that will ensure the interior and exterior of your house is properly prepared for painting. Our comprehensive preparation for painting is second to none, allowing us to achieve a beautifully painted finish free from imperfections.

Our team has been trained to be able to handle any painting requirements you may have. We will ensure your furniture is protected, your belongings are made safe and any surfaces that need to be covered will be taped, wrapped and kept clean from dust and paint. We can also remove paintings mirrors, blinds, curtains and wrap any larger objects we are unable to move. Where necessary, we will tape glass, walls, doors and skirting boards to completely minimise the dust and paint that could potentially go astray. We not only house painters in Mackay, but house preppers. We'll make sure all of your valuable are kept safe out of harms way.


We also focus a lot of our attention on prepping various types of surfaces that may be damaged, flaking, peeling or blemished in order to achieve the best finish. We are able to remove flaking paint, fill cracks and gaps in timber, fix up previous painting mishaps, seal any timber surfaces that may require it, patch and plaster holes and damage to plaster, sand down surfaces for ceilings, walls, window frames, skirting boards, doors and more. With years of experience guiding us, let Mackay Pro Painters be the house painters to complete your job.

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